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Nela / Dec 05, 2016


Three years ago, on 30.11.2013, I was invited to Unique with my hunter Crausader. It was one of my happiest days on VG. Raiding again, with many people that I knew from the past (2011/2012 raids), and new ones that I was going to meet. Did I know that this day was going to start the most epic journey in my whole VG history? Did I know, that I was going to become the Guild Master for over two years for some of the greatest players VG ever had? To progress with them many times from scratch until the very top? No, I was not aware at all.

You see. There are certain things, which just simply happens. Things we cannot predict. Things we should not expect. Because when we are expecting something to happen, these expectations, overthinking or longing may ruin the outcome. We have to let things naturally develop, but there is a catch: These things have to stay in harmony with ourselves.
This is my personal story of Unique. The story of achieving goals with international group, while keeping true to myself and in harmony with my inner beliefs, as I do not regret even a single decision made through all these years.

Now, to the point. I want to announce my stepping down as Guild Master of Unique. I have made that decision a few weeks ago, as my real life tasks are getting harder to keep up with guild leadership and all the responsibilities I possessed in my hands for years. The next few months are going to be busier and harder for me. I never forgot, what Bloodpet noted over two years ago: "Running guilds sometimes feels like a full-time job. When the real life gets in its way and starts demanding more time and attention, it is best to back off a bit, not letting a game become a burden."

Moreover, I was supposed to make only one announcement, but the highest guild management (Bloodpet, Nela and Smrda) came to agreement to stop Unique's journey. It means that Unique is not going to raid anymore. This was a result of no possibility in splitting tasks, which I have held on my shoulders for quite some time, among others.

With that being said, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Bloodpet and Smrda, who were always here for Unique and me. Like three musketeers! Without their friendship and support Unique would not be the same, and would not successfully sail on VanillaGaming's waters for such a long time.
Secondly, special thanks are going to people, who were continuously raiding with us for many years until the very end: Gorgeuss (Biological), Kurayami (Woodknight), Mansoura, Medel, Mikibullseye, Rimle (Tyrul) and Samthebst.
Finally, many thanks to all the players who were part of Unique at some point of our cruise, and those who supported or cooperated with us. I would like to write all of your names. Unfortunately, there are too many of you to mention at once, but do not worry, I have a good memory.

From this day, all of you are part of history. Unique's history.
Thank you for all memories.

Best regards,

P.S. Exclusively for Unique - my recently taken topless photo > here <